It's easy to see why this network is one of the most trusted on the market. It's a real game-changer, and a breathe of fresh air if you work with Approach a lot.

Alex, Publisher

I literally could not be happier that I chose to advertise with you! Your regular volumes and superb quality blows me away every time I open my stats!

John, Advertiser

Amazing work! You didn’t just make a great user base, but you made one that is a pleasure to sell and not the least bit difficult to keep monetise.

Melissa, Advertiser

Things Are Better With RTB
Many Buyers
In-depth Analytics
Header Bidding
Various Formats
Premium Demand

Most Profitable Ads Are Here. We Are Fully RTB Compliant.

Maximize the value of your ad inventory by connecting to ad exchanges, ad networks, and all major global Demand-Side Platforms.

Control the terms of the deal, so that you never have to worry about brand safety, channel conflict or selling inventory for less than you want.

Variety of top-performing creative templates that allows us to obtain high campaign performance on every device.

Recommendation engine working both on the whole product feed, as well as on a limited part of a selected group of users.

We Make Invisible Native Ads

Average Native

Awfully looking ads that never get clicked because they are placed into a regular ad blocks. Your website looks bad with ads like that.

Approach Native

High-quality brand ads with no changes to your site layout. They are equivalent to your site’s content and do look native.

Brands Pay More

Define Your Own Monetization Strategy

Our partnerships with premium publishers are the foundation of our company. We appreciate that our success is built on a publisher’s bond of trust and profitability. Approach is dedicated to providing high-quality experiences to our publishers.

Our technology and tech team will get your properties ready for native content delivery in minutes. Our platform does the heavy lifting so your team doesn’t have to.

Become a publisher
Responsive design
  • 5-Minute Setup
  • Fast Load
  • Quality Controls
  • Curated Content
  • Real-Time Reporting
Audience Engagement
  • Fast Payments
  • High eCPM
  • Relevant content
  • Powerful Platform
  • Effortless Integration

Brand Ads


Highest eCPM


Greater Performance


Content Freedom


Cross-Device Visibility


It’s time you increased
revenue from your website

Work with top brands and enjoy full creative control to provide a seamless, uninterrupted browsing experience that matches the look and feel of your site.

We only work with reputable advertisers and established publishers. To find out if you’re the right fit, please reach out.

And We Have Our SDK

Tail Wind In App Monetization

With Approach SDK you will be able to get the most revenue from your app. Brand ads combined with performance offers.

One Place Of Sell

At Approach we work hard to make integration as easy as possible. Our SDK is light and very easy to integrate. Spend few mins now to leverage for months.

Fast Reporting

Be aware of what you are making now. you will minimize your losses by optimizing without having to wait few days till numbers appear.

We support VAST video, native, rich media, expandable, floating, interstitial/full screen ads and all IAB and MMA standard banner formats.


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